UPS Solutions in Dubai, UAE

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Screencheck ME is the leading authorized Salicru distributors in Dubai which offers end-to-end UPS solutions across twenty-five countries in the Middle East and Africa. For over 50 years, Salicru has been able to adapt to the evolution of the power electronics market and constantly develop in all of its business areas. This has enabled the company to become a leading centre of technological transfer in the field of security electronics, as a way of responding to the new challenges and needs of society.

Salicru is Spain’s market leading power electronics company. Founded in 1965, its main business is the development, manufacture and marketing of products designed to protect industrial, professional and household systems from problems caused by mains power supply disturbances.  Its main mission is to guarantee a continuous, clean, economical, reliable and ecological electricity supply to its customers, for which it offers a wide range of products capable of providing solutions for the most sensitive systems and most demanding markets. In addition to developing, manufacturing and marketing products, the experience that Salicru has accumulated over its history has led it to also providing engineering and consulting services to its customers to assist them in resolving electricity supply issues.